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If you are an executive, manager, or an employee with “specialized knowledge” working for a foreign company that is related to a U.S. company, you could be eligible to enter and work in the United States with an L-1 visa. These visas can be issued to workers who have worked for at least one continuous year (during the previous three years) for the foreign company, who can demonstrate managerial experience in their foreign company, who can show that the foreign company will remain financially viable while the worker is in the U.S., and who will play an active role in the U.S. company, including job creation.

Proving that you meet all of the eligibility requirements of the L-1 visa can be a daunting task, but this burden can be transferred to a skilled L-1 visa attorney who has the knowledge to successfully help people through this process. At AmLaw Group, we have considerable experience helping workers from diverse backgrounds pursue and secure an L-1 visa, and we are ready to put this experience to work helping you.

Benefits of the L-1 Visa

There are a number of significant benefits to pursuing an L-1 visa as a means to live and work in the United States. Most notably, L-1 visa holders:

  • Have fewer financial obligations than those required for the EB-5 visa
  • L-1 visa holders can usually apply for a green card after just one year
  • The spouse and child/children of an L-1 visa holder automatically qualify for the L-2 visa, allowing them to live and work in the United States for the same tenure as the L-1 visa holder
  • To qualify for the L-1 visa, applicants only need to have worked one continuous year in a managerial position

For many individuals looking to move to and work in the U.S., the L-1 visa is the most beneficial and economic option available. Find out if this option is right for you by contacting the L-1 visa lawyers at AmLaw Group today.

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