Workers compensation

Injured at a construction site?

While a workplace injury can occur in almost every industry, there are some particular professions that are generally considered to be more dangerous than others.

Many of these industries often require workers to be physically active in their work functions or to be operating heavy equipment and machinery when workers perform daily tasks. In a large amount of cases, it’s these elements that often contribute to a serious workplace injury and workers compensation lawsuit.

    • Electrician
    • Agricultural
    • Heavy industry
    • Hospitality
    • Medical
    • Transportation
    • Construction

Nearly all employers are subject to workers compensation laws and must carry insurance for employee accidents, injuries or occupational illnesses. That insurance covers you from your first day at work and continues throughout your employment.

A covered injury can be caused by a specific event, such as a fall, or by the constant and repetitive stresses of the job. A pre-existing health condition that is not work-related but that is aggravated by a job injury may also be covered, as well as occupational illnesses caused by workplace conditions.

Your employer is then responsible for notifying its workers compensation insurance company about your injury and arranging medical assistance for you.